CUR 528 WEEK 2 Areas of Improvement


CUR 528 WEEK 2 Areas of Improvement


CUR 528 WEEK 2 Areas of Improvement

CUR 528 WEEK 2 Areas of Improvement

Read Ch. 11 in Assessing Student Learning.

Areas of Improvement Paper

Select a company.

Review the company and its business model.

Reflect on areas within other companies that are similar that have had problems or needed trainings to overcome challenges.

Discuss with your team areas that you feel may need improvement based on your reflection. The areas can be used to develop a needed training scenario based on experience, research, current events, or training that is needed in a team member’s place of employment.

Select one area that needs improvement that the team agrees upon. Then apply this area of needed improvement to your organization’s business model.

Write at least a 700-word paper describing the company that was chosen and the scenario that the team developed in which a training opportunity would improve employee or company performance. Identify the following:

  • The training opportunity
  • The rationale behind the team’s choice
  • Types of summative assessments that could be used with the training
  • How a summative assessment would measure the learned concepts checking for student understanding

Include at least four references that justify the need for training.

Format the paper according to APA guidelines.


CUR 528 WEEK 2 Areas of Improvement