GMGT 510 WEEK 1 Cultural Elements Worksheet I


GMGT 510 WEEK 1 Cultural Elements Worksheet I


GMGT 510 WEEK 1 Cultural Elements Worksheet I

GMGT 510 WEEK 1 Cultural Elements Worksheet I

Your organization is planning a merger with an organization from another country. Of primary concern regarding this merger is effective cross-cultural communication in the proposed combined entity. To enhance communication, the two organizations have decided upon an employee exchange program. You and a counterpart from the other organization will exchange places for an undecided period of time. You will live and work in the other country, and your counterpart will live and work in your country.

Adapting to cultures is one of the most difficult challenges of doing business internationally. Completion of this assignment will require you to reflect on your own observations of your workplace. In addition, you will use University Library materials to review expert opinion on how cultural elements influence management.

Resource: Elements of Culture Worksheet and the University Library

Utilize the worksheet provided to examine key elements of culture that your counterpart would need to understand in order to work effectively with colleagues in your organization.

Select the five of the elements listed that you can explain to have the strongest influence on management.

Answer the following question for each element: Explain how does cultural element influences management in my organization?

Note the following when completing the worksheet:

  • In Column 1, you will find the elements of culture to select from (any five).
  • In Column 2, state your explanation and analysis of how this analysis is performed and why it is important for this element o influence management in an organization.
  • In Column 3, briefly summarize the results of your library reading. Summarize at least one expert opinion on how this cultural element influences management.
  • In Column 4, compare and contrast information presented in Column 2 and Column 3. How are your insights similar to or different from those of the experts?

Note. The University Library contains resources for obtaining country information. Once in the Library site, click on the side link Country Profiles and Economic Data to find links to Countrywatch , Culturegrams, EIU Viewswire, the National Trade Databank , and the Political Risk Yearbook, all of which are invaluable for students of global management.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


GMGT 510 WEEK 1 Cultural Elements Worksheet I