HRM 324 WEEK 5 Final Examination


HRM 324 WEEK 5 Final Examination


HRM 324 WEEK 5 Final Examination

HRM 324 WEEK 5 Final Examination

1)  These are the four core characteristics of the job characteristics theory.

  1. feedback, task variety, skill-variety, autonomy
  2. knowledge, skill identity, autonomy, feedback
  3. skill variety, task identity, autonomy, feedback
  4. skill identity, autonomy, task variety, feedback

2)  Passage of this Act requires compensation professionals to demonstrate that alleged discriminatory pay practices are a business necessity.

  1. Civil Rights Act of 1991
  2. Equal Pay Act of 1938
  3. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
  4. Davis-Bacon Act of 1931


3)      Which pay plan generally rewards employees for acquiring job-related competencies, knowledge, or skills rather than for demonstrating successful job performance?

  1. pay-for-knowledge
  2. incentive
  3. merit
  4. person-focused

4)      This is the systematic process for recognizing differences in the relative worth among a set of jobs and for establishing pay differentials accordingly.

  1. job analysis
  2. job content
  3. job evaluation
  4. job-relatedness

5)      Which of the following are typically included in a job description?

  1. job specification, job title, job summary
  2. job summary, job salary, job specification
  3. job title, job salary, job summary
  4. job salary, job title, job specification

6)      This is a systematic process for gathering, documenting, and analyzing information in order to describe jobs.

  1. job characterization
  2. job description
  3. job evaluation
  4. job analysis


7)      In the job analysis process this term represents a group of positions that are identical with respect to their major tasks.

  1. job
  2. element
  3. job family
  4. occupation

8)      Which of the following laws set prevailing wage rates for companies that provide services to the U.S. Government?

  1. Civil Rights Act of 1991
  2. Equal Pay Act of 1938
  3. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
  4. Davis-Bacon Act of 1931

9)      Compensation professionals use compensable factors to determine whether jobs are the same, in order to comply with which federal legislation?

  1. Davis – Bacon Act of 1931
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
  3. Equal Pay Act of 1963
  4. Civil Rights Act of 1964

10)  These are the three most common sources of job analysis data.

  1. job analysts, supervisors, benchmark jobs
  2. job incumbents, benchmark jobs, job analysts
  3. job incumbents, supervisors, job analysts
  4. benchmark jobs, job incumbents, supervisors

11) Management by objective is part of which type of performance appraisal system?

  1. goal-oriented system
  2. trait system
  3. behavioral observation scale
  4. behaviorally-anchored rating scale

12)  What is a systematic process for gathering, documenting, and analyzing information in order to describe jobs?

  1. job evaluation
  2. internal consistency
  3. job analysis
  4. strategic analysis

13)  Which theory states that employees’ knowledge and skills generate productive capital?

  1. job characteristics theory
  2. expectancy theory
  3. equity theory
  4. human capital theory

14)  How are compa-ratios calculated?

  1. Dividing the pay range mid-point by the employee’s pay rate
  2. Dividing the employee’s pay rate by the market line rate
  3. Dividing an employee’s pay rate by the pay range mid point
  4. Dividing the market line rate by the employee’s pay rate

15)  The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 addresses which three issues?

  1. minimum wage, overtime pay, & child-labor
  2. minimum wage, overtime pay, pay discrimination
  3. minimum wage, child-labor, pay discrimination
  4. overtime pay, child-labor, pay discrimination

16)  Construction contractors, working on government contracts, must pay their laborers and mechanics what type of wage?

  1. minimum wage
  2. prevailing wage
  3. prevalent wage
  4. discretionary wage

17)  Which of the following are covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act?

  1. fringe benefits, minimum wage, child labor provisions
  2. minimum wage, overtime wage rates, child labor provisions
  3. overtime wage rates, fringe benefits, minimum wage
  4. child labor provisions, fringe benefits, overtime wage rates

18)  Which pay structure reflects the increasing organizational trend toward flatter, less hierarchical corporate structures?

  1. two-tier pay structure
  2. broadbanding
  3. market-competitive pay structure
  4. internally consistent pay structure

19)  Midpoint, minimum, and maximum are values used to define which of the following?

  1. pay grades
  2. pay ranges
  3. pay structures
  4. pay levels

20)  Which term is used to describe the situation where the pay spread between newly hired employees and more qualified job incumbents is small?

  1. pay structures
  2. pay compression
  3. red circle pay rates
  4. green circle pay rates

21)  Jasmine Black believes that the company should share part of the risk for her sales position.  Which sales compensation plan should she pursue?

  1. salary-plus-bonus plan
  2. salary-plus-commission plan
  3. commission-plus-draw plan
  4. commission-only plan

22)  This type of flexible work schedule allows employees to work four 10-hour days a week.

  1. flextime
  2. compressed work week
  3. job sharing
  4. reduced work week

23)  The equal protection clause is found in which part of the U.S. Constitution?

  1. The First Amendment
  2. The Fourteenth Amendment
  3. The Fifth Amendment
  4. Article I, Section 8

24) What kind of accommodation involves modifying work schedules, job restructuring, and making existing facilities readily accessible for those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

  1. disability accommodations
  2. reasonable accommodations
  3. regulated accommodations
  4. mandatory accommodations

25)  This type of discretionary benefit would allow an employee to get help dealing with the affects of domestic violence.

  1. family assistance program
  2. employee assistance program
  3. wellness program
  4. employer assistance program

26)  Discretionary benefits are generally divided into which three categories?

  1. Health benefits, pension benefits, paid time-off
  2. Pension benefits, protection programs, services
  3. Services, paid time-off, protection programs
  4. Paid time-off, health benefits, services

27)  During the human resources departmental meeting, one of the new employees wanted to know what was in the company’s cafeteria plan.  What did he want to know?

  1. the lunch break schedule
  2. the lunchroom floor plan
  3. the company’s benefits choices
  4. the list of approved doctors in the health plan

28)  You broke your neck at work. The company called to inform you that they had to switch your benefits from the short-term disability account to the long-term account.  That means you’ve probably been off work around how long?

  1. 6 months
  2. 12 months
  3. 1 month
  4. 18 months

29) Which of the following is NOT a type of paid time off benefit?

  1. sick leave
  2. compressed work week
  3. lunch period
  4. travel time

30) Which of the following is a characteristic of integrated paid time off policies?

  1. such policies distinguish among reasons for absence
  2. individuals have to justify reason for taking time off
  3. holiday, vacation, sick leave, and personal leave are combined
  4. can lead to increased unscheduled absences

31) This policy allows employees to schedule time-off without having to justify the reasons.

  1. personal paid time off
  2. personal leave
  3. integral paid time off
  4. integrated paid time off

32)  This federal law addresses overtime pay.

  1. FLSA
  2. COBRA
  3. ERISA
  4. HIPPA

33)  Temporary employment agencies are responsible for complying with all federal employment legislation except which one?

  1. ADA
  2. FLSA
  3. workers’ compensation
  4. ERISA

34)  What is it called when Tanesha and Jaunita both work part-time to complete the duties of one full-time position?

  1. job sharing
  2. freelancing
  3. dual staffing
  4. safe harboring

35)  Since temporary workers are employees of both the temporary employment agency and the client company, the dual employer common law doctrine establishes temporary workers right to receive which of the following?

  1. retirement benefits
  2. workers’ compensation
  3. health insurance
  4. employee benefits

36)  The safe harbor rule requires that the contingent worker be covered by whose pension plan?

  1. the leasing company
  2. the client company
  3. depends on the contractual arrangement between the leasing company and the employer
  4. the employee is responsible for his or her own pension

37)  To be covered by FLSA overtime and minimum wage provisions, seasonal employees must work for a company that is open how many months in a year?

  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 11
  4. 12

38)  Employers only have to provide protective insurance to part-time employees covered by which federal law

  1. FLSA
  2. COBRA
  3. ERISA
  4. HIPPA

39)  This term reflects an approach to job design that results in the development of more intrinsically motivating and interesting work.

  1. job security
  2. job enrichment
  3. job variety
  4. job identity

40)  This type of pay system rewards employees for successfully acquiring new job-related knowledge

  1. person-focused pay
  2. competency-based pay
  3. merit pay
  4. incentive pay


HRM 324 WEEK 5 Final Examination