MTH 215T Wk 3 – Midterm Exam SCORE 100%


MTH 215T Wk 3 – Midterm Exam


MTH 215T Wk 3 – Midterm Exam

MTH 215T Wk 3 – Midterm Exam

Score 300/300

Question 1

Mo is on a baseball team and hears that a ball thrown at a 45 degree angle from the ground will travel the furthest distance. How should Mo release the ball for the furthest travel?

Nearly straight ahead, parallel to the ground

About halfway between straight ahead and straight up

About 2/3 of the way straight up

Nearly straight up, directly above his head


Question 2

The price of a sandwich decreases from $8 to $6. What is the percentage decrease in the price of the sandwich?






Question 3

Zoey wants to use her iPad throughout a 6-hour flight. Upon takeoff, she uses the iPad for 2 hours and notices that the battery dropped by 25%, from 100% to 75%. How many total hours can Zoey expect from the iPad on a full battery charge?

10 hours

4 hours

8 hours

6 hours


Question 4

Nik needs to estimate how many books will fit in a bin. Each book is 1 ft tall, 0.5 ft wide, and 0.1 ft thick. The bin is 5 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and 3 feet deep. Based on volume only, about how many books will fit in the bin?






Question 5

A new company president is said to have caused the company “to do a 180.” Before the new president, the company was losing money. What is the company most likely doing under the new president?

Losing a lot more money

Losing a little more money

Losing the same amount of money

Making money rather than losing


Question 6

Nik, a social worker for a county, helps county residents who are struggling with different issues. Nik logs the following hours meeting with clients (c) or doing other work (o):

  • Mon: 6 c, 4 o
  • Tue: 8 c, 2 o
  • Wed: 9 c, 1 o
  • Thu: 7 c, 3 o
  • Fri: Off


What percent of time did Nik spend with clients on Thursday?






Question 7

Many gas stations give a discount for using cash instead of a credit card. A gas station gives a discount of 10 cents per gallon. William plans to pump 14 gallons. How much will William save by paying cash instead of credit card?

10 cents

24 cents

100 cents

140 cents


Question 8

Sarah is planning a party at a party hall. The meal option is $50 per person and includes the hall for free. The hall-only option is $1,500 but allows an external caterer, which charges $30 per person. Sarah plans to invite 40 people. Which is a better cost comparison?

Meal option: $2,700. Hall-only option: $2,000. Hall-only option is cheaper.

Meal option: $1,000. Hall-only option: $3,500. Meal option is cheaper.

Meal option: $3,000. Hall-only option: $1,200. Hall-only option is cheaper.

Meal option: $2,000. Hall-only option: $2,700. Meal option is cheaper.


Question 9

A wall is 500 sq. feet. A gallon of paint covers 160 sq. feet. What is an appropriate conversion factor to help determine how many gallons will be needed to paint the wall?

(1 gallon)/(160 sq. feet)

(1 gallon)/(500 sq. feet)

(160 gallon)/(500 sq. feet)

(500 gallon)/(560 sq. feet)


Question 10

Jules goes on a hike that will last 5 hours total. She brings 12 cups of water. After an hour, she has already drunk 3 cups of water. At that rate, how many cups would Jules need for all 5 hours?

8 cups

15 cups

9 cups

12 cups


Question 11

Duke takes a car in for basic service. The service agent says a few extra repairs are needed, so Duke adds the cost of those repairs mentally, rounding to the nearest 10. What is Duke’s total estimate for the repairs? The costs are as follows:

  • Wheel alignment: $82
  • Transmission fluid flush: $157
  • Cabin air filter: $58


Note: 4 or less rounds down, 5 or more rounds up. For example, 14 becomes 10, while 15 becomes 20.






Question 12

A self storage center is a storage room that is 8 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 10 feet high. What is the volume of the room?

24 cubic feet

48 cubic feet

140 cubic feet

480 cubic feet


Question 13

6 people will attend a lunch. 2 cans of juice should be provided per person. Determine the total number of cans of juice required.

12 cans of juice

6 cans of juice

4 cans of juice

3 cans of juice


Question 14

A person is holding two drill bits, one is 7/16 and the other is 25/64, and wants to first drill a hole using the smaller bit. To compare, the person expands 7/16 to 64ths. What is the expanded fraction?






Question 15

A store in Minnesota advertises that on a holiday, everything is 20% off. A person buys shoes for $40 and socks for $10. In Minnesota there is no tax on shoes or socks. What is the final price?






Question 16

TravelEz sells dollars at a rate of ($1.40)/(1 euro) and buys dollars at a rate of ($1.80)/(1 euro). At the beginning of a trip, Sophie exchanged $540 to get 300 euros. At the end of the trip she is left with 40 euros, so she exchanges the 40 euros back to dollars. How many dollars will Sophie get in exchange?






Question 17

Convert 2 3/4 to a decimal number.






Question 18

A house is on an 80,000 sq. ft lot. About how many acres is the lot? There are 43,560 square feet in a acre.

1/2 acre

1 acre

1 1/2 acres

2 acres


Question 19

A box is 24 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. About how many cubic feet is the box?

1.4 ft3

2.8 ft3

240 ft3

2,400 ft3


Question 20

Ryan remembers numbers using images that look somewhat like each number: 0 is a ball, 1 is a stick, 2 is a hanger, 3 is a comb, 4 is a kite, etc. Ryan remembered a 4-digit phone extension with this story: A person uses a hanger to pop a ball, then flies two kites. What number is Ryan likely remembering?






Question 21

A person buys 28 bottles of orange juice for a party. The store clerk offers cardboard carrying cases for the bottles, each case holding 6 bottles. How many cases are needed, assuming each case should be filled as much as possible and the person will not be carrying any bottles outside of a case?






Question 22

One rule of thumb in the fast-food restaurant business is a “4 times markup”: The price of a food item should be four times the price of the ingredients used in making the item. If the cost of ingredients used in making a taco is 1.5 dollars, what should be the price of the taco?

6 dollars

7.5 dollars

5.5 dollars

4 dollars


Question 23

The recipe for a fruit smoothie requires 2 cups of fruit per 6 cups of yogurt to maintain a 1/3 ratio. While making the fruit smoothie, Suzy accidentally puts 3 cups of fruit into the pitcher. How many cups of yogurt should be put in the pitcher to maintain the ratio of 1/3?

3 cups

9 cups

1 cup

5 cups


Question 24

15 people are expected for a dinner. Three ounces of corn serves one person. A can of corn is nine ounces. How many cans of corn should be bought for the dinner?

18 cans

12 cans

3 cans

5 cans


Question 25

Dana is attaching a shelf to a wall and needs the shelf to be perpendicular to the wall. How many degrees should the shelf be relative to the wall?






Question 26

Jo is on the phone with a gardener who asks about the square feet of Jo’s backyard. Jo counts 20 steps long and 40 steps wide (with each step being about 3 feet). About how many square feet is the backyard?

120 ft2

360 ft2

800 ft2

7,200 ft2


Question 27

Alex invests $2,000 in a company’s stock. After a year, the value of Alex’s stock has increased to $2,500. What rate of return has Alex received?






Question 28

Consider a cookie recipe in which 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips are needed to make 25 cookies. Lara wants to double the number of cookies. How many cups of chocolate chips should she use?

1 1/2


2 1/2



Question 29

A couple decides that Sophia will drive the first 3/5 of a trip and Lucas the last 2/5. The trip is 100 miles (the whole trip). How far will Sophia drive?

40 miles

60 miles

20 miles

30 miles


Question 30

A circular garden has a diameter of 12 feet. About how much trim is needed to surround the garden by placing trim on the garden’s circumference?

38 feet

48 feet

144 feet

432 feet


MTH 215T Wk 3 – Midterm Exam