ORG 711 WEEK 8 Organizational Evaluation


ORG 711 WEEK 8 Organizational Evaluation


ORG 711 WEEK 8 Organizational Evaluation

ORG 711 WEEK 8 Organizational Evaluation

Use the business approved by your instructor in Week Four to complete this assignment.

Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word evaluation of your selected organization that is undergoing demonstrable change in the current economic workplace. Consider the following factors in your evaluation:

  • Dynamic innovation
  • Fiscal volatility
  • Disruptive workforces
  • Economizing of talent
  • Increased employment or labor disputes
  • Supply disruptions
  • Rapid growth
  • Unethical leadership performance

Include the following in your discussion:

  • Brief background of how the organization progressed to current status
  • Evaluation of organizational behavior
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of organizational structure and design
  • Positive and negative environmental innovations or changes being implemented, such as political, sociological, psychological, and fiscal
  • Anticipated effect of changes on organizational leadership and strategies

Use the following questions to help guide the development of your evaluation. The questions do not need to be answered, but may be used to encourage analysis:

  • Did the organization conduct appropriate research in developing its organizational strategies?
  • Did the organization effectively analyze environmental effects?
  • Which organizational theories were manifested in the organization? Consult your Organizational Theory Taxonomy Assignment.
  • Were the organizational theories properly incorporated?
  • Were there any theories omitted that might have resulted in an optimized outcome?
  • What are the indicators of successes and failures in the organization?
  • How might the successes have been enhanced or the failures averted?
  • What recommendations may be made for a future business of this nature?

Support your evaluation with references to globally-acknowledged, peer-reviewed journals and germinal sources.

Format the evaluation consistent with APA guidelines.

the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


ORG 711 WEEK 8 Organizational Evaluation